Internet of Things (IoT) Sewer network monitoring solution allows taking Preventive actions which leads to the right actions before any further issues can occur. The sensors can detect water levels, blockages and infiltration in sewers to collect data accordingly, to ensure that everything is running as it should be. Adopting a sewer network monitoring solution will enhance performance and develop cleaning and maintenance measures . Low Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) offers great value for wide area coverage with higher capacity over other solutions.



The benefits of LPWAN extend to greater productivity and more effective use of resources when linking devices simultaneously. Additionally, costs associated with connecting units over a broad area network are minimized- meaning setup times is shorter and monthly expenses are lowered overall.
LPWAN uses the ISM frequency spectrum to provide a low-power wide area network. The use of this frequency band allows LPWAN systems to be smaller, faster and more reliable than traditional narrowband networks.

LPWAN technology offers a number of benefits, such as low power consumption and long battery life. It also makes it easy to record data for inspection purposes and allows users to access information quickly in the event of any issues with the system. Furthermore, LPWAN notifications will let you know if specific parameters are being exceeded.